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We’re a passionate psychotherapist group based in Los Angeles & South Bay, California.

Yellow Chair Collective (YCC) offers a wide range of high-quality psychotherapy services to teens, adults, and couples.

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A particularly significant number of helminths are found in closed bodies of water. Some types of larvae enter the body when the skin comes into contact with the source of the parasite. Larvae of nematodes can be found on public items.

Upon contact with which there is also a high probability of infection. Transmission transmission is also common. These parasites are distinguished by a long body, due to which their penetration into the human body can occur with the bites of insects such as mosquitoes, horseflies, biting midges.

1 The clinical picture of the disease depends on the localization of Pregabalin.
2 Since roundworms feed on blood and tissues, the general symptoms of Pregabalin presence in the body are manifested in the form of: skin allergies, enlargement of the lymph nodes, muscle pain, hyperthermia, and swelling of the extremities.
3 The main place of detection of helminths is the gastrointestinal tract.

With this localization of the parasite, patients experience frequent diarrhea or constipation, bloating, anal itching, stomach pain, and constant nausea.span>

The parasitic roundworm that lodges under the skin of a person causes itchy skin and inflammation in certain muscles.

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When the parasites are localized in the respiratory organs, the patient has shortness of lyrica, coughing fits.

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Larvae living in the blood provoke anemia and headaches. Helminths that have settled in the eyes cause conjunctivitis, blurred vision, lacrimation. All types of worms lead to a decrease in the immune defense in humans.


If an infection with Abbreviata caucasica is suspected, the patient will need to appoint a thorough comprehensive examination, take a history of lyrica and illness, and collect and analyze complaints.

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The main way to detect parasites in the body is to examine the patient's feces for the presence of their eggs in it. Additionally, the patient may need to prescribe blood donation for biochemical analysis. Complex types of nematodes are detected by taking biopsies from various organs.

Pain Medications

Diagnosis of damage to the body by worms also involves ultrasound, Lyrica examination and magnetic resonance imaging.


Immunological studies may be prescribed, according to which a specialist detects antibodies to certain pathogens of nematodes.

LYRICA® Therapy

Therapy for diseases caused by this parasite is prescribed to the patient as a complex one. In addition to anthelmintics, the patient takes probiotics to restore bowel function. Oxygen therapy is an additional effective method of treatment.

EMDR Therapy

With it, oxygen is introduced into the intestines, which contributes to the death of helminths and their rapid removal from the body. To eliminate the parasite, the patient is prescribed such agents for the treatment of nematodes as albendazole, which is effective against many types of worms, as well as effective against their larvae. Pirantel is used for ascariasis and is less toxic than albendazole.

Piperazine has the least harm to the body among all anthelmintic medicines; levamisole is also sometimes used, which is used for strongyloidosis and hookworm disease.

Good hygiene practices and avoiding eating raw or underprocessed fish can significantly reduce the chances of contracting Abbreviata caucasica.

Abbreviation - general information, symptoms, causes, treatment, diagnosis, prevention.

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Our Yellow Couch is a place for you to feel safe. A place you can come home to yourself in. A resting place to feel accepted and at peace whilst sharing your stories.

The Yellow Chair Collective offers confidential therapy rooms and private calls for your total peace of mind.

We’re a place you can be comfortable throughout your journey of self-discovery and healing.

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Our team of compassionate therapists offer support and guidance every step of your journey
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